The New Bananagrams Lets You Sabotage Opponents

Anna Green
Bananagrams / Bananagrams

One of the most popular word games since Scrabble is getting a little more cutthroat. This week, Bananagrams shared plans for a new “party” version of their popular speed spelling game which will allow players to sabotage their opponents.

According to Gizmodo, the party edition, designed to be played with larger groups, will follow the same rules as the original game: players race to use all of their tiles to form words that connect to each other, in a crossword-like pattern. But the new version will include a twist: Some of the tiles will allow players to tamper with their opponents’ word structures, mixing around letters or destroying their grids.

Though Bananagrams hasn’t announced an official release date for the updated game, Gizmodo reports that it will be available in stores this summer. The edition will join Bannagram's other variations, including a Spanish language edition and a children's version.

[h/t Gizmodo]