You Have to Travel to Alaska to See This Whimsical ‘Dr. Seuss House’

Michele Debczak

Like most of Alaska, the town of Willow is home to dense woods and magnificent wildlife. It also happens to be the site of a structure that looks like it belongs in a children’s book.

The "Dr. Seuss House" towers stories above the quiet forest, and its name was inspired by its precarious, Seuss-ian structure and fairytale facade. Though little is known for certain about the house’s origins, local legend says it began as a one-story home built after a forest fire opened up a view of Denali National Park and Mount McKinley. Much to the owner’s frustration, it didn’t take long for the forest to grow back and obscure his prized view. He reacted by constructing more floors awkwardly on top of one another for the next decade until he had the bizarre tower that exists today.

After the owner’s death, the house was left empty and derelict with no one to maintain it, but new owners reportedly plan to fix it up. You can check out stunning drone footage of the house in the video above.

Banner image courtesy of Alaska Aerial Media via Vimeo.

[h/t: Lost at E Minor]