Pack Your Lunch in Style With This Modern Lunch Box

Prepd via Kickstarter
Prepd via Kickstarter / Prepd via Kickstarter

Bringing a packed lunch to work can be a bit of a drag. With a variety of options waiting outside your office building, it’s tempting to put up with the extra cost and calories for the convenience of takeout. The team behind Prepd believe they can help change that attitude starting with a well-designed lunchbox.

The Prepd Pack is made not just to carry your food from one point to the other, but to elevate your dining experience to a whole new level. Inside the box’s stylish case is a system of removable, modular containers which can be arranged in multiple configurations depending on that day’s meal. The pack includes a three-piece set of magnetic cutlery that stacks neatly together and a silicone eating mat that folds out to provide a sanitary spot for your meal. 

Prepd via Kickstarter

The lunchbox’s most innovative feature is the Prepd companion app. Users can browse its database of nutritious, "prep-friendly" recipes that have been perfectly portioned to fit the pack’s containers. In addition to listing the ingredients, the recipes also include nutritional information that can be uploaded to the Health Kit app on iOS, allowing you to keep track of all your health data in one spot.

The Prepd Pack is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter, where the project has raised their $25,000 goal many times over. Backers can reserve an original pack for a pledge of $50 with shipping estimated for June of this year.

[h/t Inhabitat]