These Oscar Cookies Are as Great as the Movies That Inspired Them

Eleni's / Eleni's

When looking for the perfect thing to serve at your Oscar party this year, consider a snack that's right on the nose: These Oscar-themed cookies from New York bakery Eleni's are sure to be a hit. You can choose from three delicious categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, or Best Picture, each of which allows you to casually snack on Leonardo DiCaprio or Cate Blanchett's face while waiting to see who this year's big Oscar winners are.

The treats are buttery sugar cookies painted with royal icing and edible ink. They're all nut-free and kosher-certified. The thespian sets come in groups of eight, while the Best Picture set comes with 16 cookies and features an array of different shaped cookies with objects from each of the movies nominated. You can find a bear from The Revenant, a tooth from Room, and a bathing suit from Brooklyn. The set also comes with ballots, so you and your guests can make predictions. May the most delicious cookie win.