Monikers is a Beautiful—and Fun—Party Game



is a new spin on an old classic. The game, created by Alex Hague, updates Celebrity, a more than 100-year-old game that involves writing down the names of celebrities (fictional and animal celebrities included) and putting them in a hat. The goal is simple: in one minute, get your teammates to guess who you picked from the pile.

In 2014, Hague started a Kickstarter campaign to produce his version of the game and successfully raised more than $56,000. Almost two years later, you can buy it on Amazon or download the free PDF version right here.

While Monikers's rules are similar to the original game's, they feature a few upgrades. After all the cards have been guessed in the first round, players move on to round two. In this round, the cards are the same, but the card picker can only use one word as a clue (since the teams already know the topics, a good memory will come in handy). In the third round, the players have to use gestures, like in charades.

Each set comes with 500 beautiful cards as well as 50 blank ones to fill yourself, meaning you can add personal celebrities, like the friendly gas station attendant or the guy on campus who wears two pairs of sunglasses. Each of those pre-set cards comes with a helpful description or beautiful illustration from creative artists like Zach Weinersmith, Jana Kinsman, and Ariel Aberg-Riger. The cards are also sorted by difficulty, ranging from one to four. The harder the topic, the more points the team gets.