These Whimsical Planters Look Like Sparkling Animals

Rebecca OConnell
etsy / etsy

You already know about sea life-inspired planters, but Etsy shop JellyFishKisses takes whimsical planters to a new level with a line of planters shaped like unicorns, narwhals, pineapples, and more.

Each pot, made with polymer clay and glitter, comes with a healthy air plant and costs around $22. Not confident in your gardening skills? Unlike most greenery, air plants do not need soil and thrive in indirect sunlight. The low-maintenance plants only need to be dunked in tap water once a week and dried for several hours. The shrubs are a breeze to care for—and to show off. Thanks to their creative containers, hanging the jellyfish or manta ray planters will make you feel like you're in an underwater grove.

[h/t: So Bad So Good]