Invent Your Own Board Game With These DIY Kits

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Tired of your old board games? Now you can design your own with a series of DIY kits from custom game company Board Game Design & Manufacturing. Though the company specializes in developing custom games for corporations and educational institutions, they also sell “Inventors Kits,” which let anyone create their own games. 

The company offers two DIY kits: The basic “Junior” edition comes with traditional game pieces, dice, paper money, and a blank game board. The “Advanced” kit is more elaborate and includes traditional game materials, plus several sizes of sand timers, bingo chips, a spinner board, and a wide variety of multi-sided dice. Both versions include only one set of instructions: how to assemble the game box, according to Wink Fun. Beyond that, inventors are free to let their imaginations run wild. And, in case that’s not enough, the site also sells a la carte game pieces, so game inventors can mix and match their own materials.

The kits are perfect for aspiring game designers (ages 6 and up) or those who want to develop alternate versions of their favorite games. Check out the Board Game Design & Manufacturing website for photos and more information.

[h/t Boing Boing]