Alert: Girl Scout Cookies Differ Depending on Where You Live

Shaunacy Ferro

There are only two bakeries in the United States contracted to make those most delicious of fundraiser foods, the Girl Scout cookie. Each Girl Scout council can choose which vendor it wants to use for its cookies—ABC Girl Scout Cookie Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers

The thing is, the two companies don’t use exactly the same recipes. Depending on which Girl Scout jurisdiction you’re living in, your Thin Mints or Samoas might not be the same as someone in a different council jurisdiction say, 30 minutes away. Some Thin Mints are crunchier than others, and the names of the cookies vary, too. Cookie lovers in Orlando, Florida buy ABC Bakers’s Caramel deLites, while buyers in nearby Tampa enjoy Little Brownie Bakers’s Samoas.

The good cookie experts at the Los Angeles Times have broken down the exact differences between the two bakeries’ cookies (and importantly, how they taste) in a helpful graphic. The interactive map will even tell you whose cookies you’re eating. Check it out here. Knowledge is power. 

All images via the Los Angeles Times