Thanks to smart devices, we ask a lot of our technology these days. Why just have a plain old lamp, when you can have a lamp that does a whole lot more? That's the concept behind Tittle: a LED lamp that can be used as a 3D music visualizer, clock, timer, and even emoji-sending device (if you have other Tittle-owning friends).

Named after the dot that forms the top of a lowercase "i," Tittle features an aluminum base and glass casing that houses 512 LED dots stacked on eight levels inside a cube. Each of the lamp's functions are controlled using a mobile app that also allows users to program the color, speed, and pattern of the dots. 

Spin-R, the company behind the smart lamp, has already far exceeded its Indiegogo crowd-funding goal with 25 days left to go (at the time of this writing). On the fundraising page, they write that the retail price for the Tittle Light will be $349, but a payment at the $199 level (plus shipping) will earn you one of the illuminating devices. To learn more about the interactive lamp, watch the video above and head over to Indiegogo to grab the early bird special.

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Images via IndieGoGo / Vimeo

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