'Where's Warhol?' Puts an Artsy Twist on the Classic Children's Book

Andrew LaSane
Amazon / Amazon

Art historian Catherine Ingram and illustrator Andrew Rae are releasing an Andy Warhol-themed update to the very popular Where's Waldo? book series. The picture hunt book for adults, titled Where's Warhol?, hides the iconic Pop Art pioneer in various art environments and asks the reader to spot his signature white hair, sunglasses, and striped shirt.

Similar to the original Waldo series, finding other art world references around the main character is half the fun. Rae and Ingram worked together to recreate vintages scenes for Warhol's fictional journey. The series depicts 12 iconic settings, including Studio 54, the Sistine Chapel, the Place de la Révolution during Marie Antoinette's execution, and Salvador Dali's Surrealistic Night in an Enchanted Forest. Other historic figures from the 1970s art scene, like Jean-Michel Basquiat, also make cameos in the busy and colorful illustrations.

The book will be available on May 3, but you can pre-order a hardcover copy today on Amazon.

Images via Amazon.

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