Panda Bear Toast Will Make Your Breakfast Dreams Come True

Shaunacy Ferro

Want to wake up with a smile? Forget trying to spot a holy figure in your toast—what you really want to see first thing in the morning is a delightful panda.

This toast cutter will turn your basic bread into edible versions of that wonderfully lazy, scientifically adorable creature, the panda. The set comes with three different panda faces and accessories, in case you want to emboss your breakfast with a particularly smiley panda with a bow tie, or a coy, smiling panda with a crown. You could, presumably, also use the stamp to cut cookies, as long as they were as large as a slice of bread. (Which literally no one would object to.)

The panda toast cutter sells for $9.99 on Amazon.

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[h/t Lost at E Minor]

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