This Machine Uses Twitter Data to Mix Cocktails

Andrew LaSane

Don't bother trying to get the bartender's attention this weekend: Your tweets can get the alcohol flowing just as quickly. Interaction designer Clément Gault and the team at Koi Koi Design have developed a mixologist machine that turns data collected from Twitter into cocktails, and even prints the cocktail recipe for you to keep as a souvenir.

Inspired by the "pianocktail" machine in the 1947 Boris Vian novel L'Écume des Jours, the Data Cocktail finds the most recent tweets from the Internet that mention the available supply of ingredients. Those tweets determine the composition of the cocktail, and each of the unwitting Twitter participants is sent a thank you message. The drinks are typically mixed and delivered in a minute, which is more than we can say for most bars.

The video above shows the machine making cocktails based on different color-coded values, including mentions of various Game of Thrones houses and characters, data companies, cute animals, and superheroes. We're not sure what a #Baratheon #Tyrell drink tastes like, but our interest (and taste buds) have been piqued.

For more info on the bartending contraption, check out Data Cocktail's official project website.

[h/t Creator's Project]

Images via Vimeo/Koi Koi