Watch 540 Robots Perform a Synchronized Dance Routine


What’s better than a tiny, dancing robot? More than 500 tiny, dancing robots on stage at the same time. At this year’s Spring Festival gala in China’s Guangdong Province, an army of the humanoid machines performed a perfectly synchronized dance number.

China Central Television claims that their Spring Festival gala is the most-viewed television event in the world, with more than 700 million people tuning in to watch each year. This year, viewers had a lot to take in. The robots’ routine was originally only meant to feature 240 robots, but the number was ultimately raised to 540 to up the wow-factor.

According to Li Chao, the person in charge of the futuristic performance, a group of five or six robots can normally be controlled from a smartphone. In this case, they were required to use an antenna in order to control them all at the same time. 

And the machines weren't the only stars of the show. The robot segment was accompanied by a performance from the famous Chinese pop star Sun Nan, who sang a song about the nation’s rise to technological dominance. As the dance came to an end, drones scattered glitter over the 16.5 inch robots. You can watch the full video of the dance above.

Banner image courtesy of CCTV+.

[h/t Daily Mail]