A Recreation of Van Gogh’s Iconic Bedroom Is Available to Rent on Airbnb

Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago / Art Institute of Chicago

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Vincent van Gogh's artwork; it has been recreated on seeds, edited with a tilt-shift perspective, and printed on all types of clothing. Now, you can even sleep in his art, thanks to the Art Institute of Chicago and Airbnb.

The museum has created a life-size recreation of his famous series Bedroom in Arles as part of their new exhibition, “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms.” The event will feature all three paintings Van Gogh created of his now-famous bedroom, marking the first time the three paintings have been exhibited in the same place in North America. Along with the bedroom paintings, there will be 36 other works by the artist on display, including paintings, drawings, and illustrated letters.

“It’s a sad story, but we’re trying to make it human,” curator Gloria Groom told Vogue. “There’s such a sensationalized story around Van Gogh. It’s always the struggling artist, the artist with emotional issues, the artist who kills himself. What I think comes out is that he really was a person. We wanted to show that universal quality: Everyone wants a room of their own.”

The real-life version of the bedroom painting is part of a larger house found in Chicago's River North neighborhood. The room is full of intricate details, and the interior looks like it was pieced together with oil paint.

You can rent out the room on Airbnb for $10 a night.

"Van Gogh's Bedrooms" will run from Sunday until May 10, 2016. You can stay updated by following the museum on Facebook.

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