17 Geeky and Unusual Pillows to Cuddle

thinkgeek / thinkgeek

When shopping for new throw pillows, skip the typical offerings and opt for something a little unorthodox. Guests will be delighted by the collection of cushions you've purchased.


These Tetris blocks look great scattered along your couch or linked up. (Don’t worry; they won’t disappear when linked together.) The set comes with five pillows in different configurations and colors.

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Create the illusion that you fell asleep while doing some late night reading with one of these classic book pillows. Filled with polyester fiber and polyurethane foam, they are decidedly more comfortable than the real thing. You can choose from Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, or Treasure Island, but only Alice in Wonderland is open; the other two books are closed. Each tome comes with a quote from the book on the back.

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Turn your living room into a rock garden with these oversized pebble pillows. The smooth rocks come in a variety of different colors and shapes to create a textured look. Created by French designer Stéphanie Marin, the “Livingstones” are made with virgin wool. Each shape has its own French name like Jacques, Hervé, or Xavier.

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What may look like a scary sea creature to some is a huggable delight to others. This plush crustacean (which the seller swears is "less grotesque than real ones") comes in three different sizes, and will look adorable (or terrifying) on your couch or bed.

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Speaking of things that are ugly-cute, check out this plush blobfish. In 2013, the poor fish was named the "World's Ugliest Animal" by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Thankfully, the fact that this homely fish looks like a blob doesn’t make it any less huggable.

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6. TARDIS; $25

It seems like you can get almost anything in the shape of Dr. Who's iconic time travel vehicle. Pillows are no exception. This officially licensed TARDIS cushion lights up and makes noises when you press the keyhole.

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7. BB-8; $24

Snuggle up on the couch with everyone’s new favorite droid. The little pillow is made of polyester and filled with fiber and polyurethane foam, giving it a canvas-like feel.

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8. BEAR HUG; $44

If you’re looking to cuddle up with something that won’t hog the bed, try these bear hug pillows. Sleepers can choose to either be snuggled by a grizzly or panda bear. The pillow is shaped like the bear’s face and arm for optimal snuggling. Best of all, the arms come with flexible piping, so you can wrap the arm around you for extra coziness.

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Grilled cheese sandwiches are so delicious, it would be crazy for you not to want to snuggle one. The 14-inch-long pillow is made with polyester fiber and has a cute grin.

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10. YOUR OWN FACE; $22

Looking for the perfect gift? Give your friend a pillow that is described as “terrifying, but extremely comfortable.” These personalizable cushions sport a distorted picture of you or your friend’s face. You can get just one, or a group of three for $44.

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11. CHEESE; $29

Dairy lovers can now take a nap on a wedge of cheese. The pillow is made of high quality foam that snaps back into shape after you lay on it and comes with a removable cover that can be washed. It even has a mouse printed onto the design.

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12. S’MORES; $50

Just like a marshmallow over an open fire, these pillows are delightfully toasty. That’s because they can heat up wirelessly, and come with rechargeable batteries. Even when it’s not on, it’s hard not to be warmed by that cute smile.

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13. LOG; $19

Bring “sawing wood” to a literal level with one of these fancy log pillows. Each cushion is made with spandex and filled with microbeads. They come in three types: birch, platanus, and "log." The log option is perfect so decorating a couch or completing a Log Lady costume.

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Hungry sleepers can cuddle up with a sprinkled doughnut. The mircobead-filled pillow is printed on both sides: One side is strawberry and the other is chocolate.

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15. YOUR PET; $58

It’s always nice to cuddle up with a pet, but sometimes they don’t feel like cuddling back. When that happens, reach for a surrogate pillow that looks just like them. These custom pillows have your pet’s likeness printed right on canvas fabric. The artist will even add silly accessories like sunglasses for an extra fee.

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Mixtapes might not be a thing anymore, but their appearance still brings back feelings of nostalgia. This double-sided pillow can be personalized with text of the name of your friend, significant other, or high school band.

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These pillows look like a book cover featuring a small child riding an elephant. You can customize the appearance of the child to look like a kid you know in real life. You can also pick out just the right text to go on the front and back of the plush book.

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