Meet Dr. Laser: The Man Who Still Makes Holograms


Attention, children of the '80s and '90s: It’s nostalgia time. The video above from Great Big Story introduces Jason Arthur Sapan, a holographer also known as Dr. Laser. Placid but opinionated, Dr. Laser has strong views on holograms in our culture—yes, including Tupac's

At Holographic Studios in Manhattan, Dr. Laser and his staff run both the world’s oldest gallery of holography and what they call their “subterranean laser laboratories.” As Dr. Laser explains in the video, even the simplest hologram sticker is the result of advanced science. The video offers just a little taste, but you can learn more about the fascinating physics of holograms here

Holographic Studios offers a wide range of products and services. They’ve created holograms for clients like Tag Heuer, Island Records, and IBM, as well as laser effects for TV shows. They make tamper-evident security holograms for banks, but they also make puzzles, buttons, and magnets. The studio offers class trips and speaking engagements, and has regular gallery hours for those hologram fanatics who just need more.

Visitors to the Holographic Studios gallery or online shop can purchase high-end holograms of everything from Isaac Asimov, to an unnamed topless lady, to the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald. And yes, they even sell stickers.

Header images from YouTube // Great Big Story