How to Eat Ramen, According to a Professional Chef

Anna Green
You've got this!
You've got this! / GMVozd/E+ via Getty Images

Do you slurp your ramen or twirl it up with a fork and bite into it? Professional chef Ivan Orkin has a few tips for eating the dish quickly and comfortably.

Orkin, who is the chef and proprietor at New York City’s Ivan Ramen, explains that many of his customers struggle to eat the delicious but unwieldy noodles with just a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. When eaten properly, a bowl of ramen takes only a few minutes to finish, Orkin explains. But many of his customers seem to turn a quick dish into a more laborious experience.

Orkin’s recommendation for eating ramen like a pro? Just slurp it. While most fine dining establishments frown upon noisy eaters, Orkin claims that slurping up ramen is actually the best technique. In the video below, Orkin cooks a beautiful bowl of his restaurant’s signature ramen, and walks the viewer through the best way to enjoy it.

[h/t Boing Boing]