Periodic Table Crayon Covers Teach Kids Science Through Coloring

Rudie Obias
¡Que Interesante!/Etsy
¡Que Interesante!/Etsy / ¡Que Interesante!/Etsy

One of the best ways to capture a child’s imagination is with a box of crayons. Etsy shop ¡Que Interesante!, which calls itself a place “where geek meets art,” has created special labels for crayons and colored pencils to help kids learn about the elements of the periodic table, and their chemical reactions, while coloring.

¡Que Interesante! used the flame test, a qualitative test in which the chemical makeup of a compound is identified by the color it gives off when placed in a flame, to match chemicals to colors. “So,” according to the company, “instead of thinking, ‘I want green’ they will think ‘I want Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame’ and then when they take chemistry in high school and their teacher sets some gas on fire and it makes a green color and they ask the class what chemical it was your student will know it was Barium!”

[h/t Mashable]