How to Avoid Annoying Online PDA This Valentine’s Day

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In this modern world we live in, the Internet can play a huge role in our love lives. It’s where many couples meet, announce their exclusive status to the world, and then eventually reveal their breakup. And this Sunday, you can expect to see dozens of declarations of love flooding your Facebook feed in honor of Valentine’s Day. 

Mushy Valentine’s shout-outs aren’t the only things to look out for this weekend. According to Facebook, over 110,000 engagement life events were created on Valentine’s Day last year, a 50 percent lift from the previous two weeks' daily average. Throughout the entire week of Valentine’s Day, there were nearly 580,000 engagement life events created overall.

But if you want to shield yourself from the sap, there are ways to do so without completely taking yourself offline. Facebook will allow you to curate your News Feed to hide posts from friends who are prone to PDA while highlighting posts from friends who are just as bitter—we mean, down-to-earth—as you are.

This year also marks the first Valentine’s Day where users will be able to take advantage of Facebook’s new breakup tools. For people still getting over a painful breakup, it's now possible to control whether exes can see your updates, edit and untag past photos and posts in which you're together, and limit their name from appearing in your feed without having to block or unfriend them completely. You can also manage your ad preferences to limit annoying ads from online dating services. 

You can check out more Valentine’s Day statistics from Facebook in the infographic below.

[h/t Facebook IQ]