Hasbro's Simon Gets a Hover Tech Upgrade

Andrew LaSane
Hasbro / Hasbro

Simon, the classic Hasbro memory game from your childhood, is getting an upgrade this fall. In the newer version, called Simon Air, players will still attempt to recreate color patterns from memory, but with a new twist: touch-free technology. Instead of pressing buttons on the toy, players will be expected to hover and make hand gestures over their choices.

Keeping the trademark colors of the original game, the $20 Simon Air has red, yellow, and green sensors on the exterior top and sides of the ring, and a blue sensor in the center of the ring. The reboot will also keep some of the other aspects of the original game, according to a press release. For example, the speed of the light patterns will increase as the player progresses through the sequences.

As for newer features, Simon Air users can expect updated moves and a two-player mode that adds to the fun (and difficulty) of the game. But they shouldn't expect greater portability. Because of the new design, Simon Air players will need a flat surface to stand the ring on, so if you need something smaller and more portable, you may want to go with the classic or the Simon Swipe design.

[h/t Mashable]