Watch Cool Aerial Footage of Hundreds of Sheep Being Herded


The idea of watching sheep move from one place to another doesn't sound very exciting, but when you raise the perspective and add music, it changes everything. This footage from aerial photographer and pilot Tim Whittaker provides an uncommon and hypnotic view of an otherwise common rural activity: herding hundreds of sheep in the grasslands of New Zealand.

The drone footage is a collection of different herding attempts by shepherds and their dogs. Because of the elevated point of view, the sheep look more like tiny white ants moving in unison than standard-sized farm animals.

In each clip, they are funneled into a relatively small opening in a fence where their bodies appear to merge together until they reach the other side and fan out again. There are a few stragglers, but overall the herd forms a perfectly choreographed army.

Banner image via YouTube

[h/t Gizmodo]