Kids Can Now Drive Their Own Mini Tesla Model S

Andrew LaSane

For the most part, $500 won't get you very far on a car lot—unless you're between the ages of 3 and 8 and weigh less than 81 pounds. The company Radio Flyer recently partnered with Tesla to create the Tesla Model S for Kids. The miniature electric vehicle has a similar design to the full-sized Tesla Model S and can be customized to a child's specifications.

It would be a disservice to call the Tesla Model S for Kids a toy. The vehicle includes working headlights, a functional trunk located under the hood, a sound system with an audio jack for phones and MP3 players, and a FlightSpeed lithium battery that charges three times faster than the lead-acid batteries typically found in toy cars. It also comes with two speed settings (3mph and 6mph). While the mini model won't be able to keep up with its big brother, it can still impress pedestrians with its optional Tesla car cover.

The Tesla Model S for Kids is available for pre-order now, with vehicles expected to start shipping in May. The base model starts at $500, with add-ons like premium batteries, license plates, and the car cover costing a little extra.

Images via Radio Flyer on YouTube

[h/t Gizmodo]