This is What It Looks Like to Climb a 22,660-Foot-Tall Mountain


In November 2015, climbing partners David Lama and Conrad Anker set out to climb the previously unconquered 22,660-foot tall peak of Lunag Ri, a mountain along the border of Nepal and Tibet. Most people will never get the opportunity to make the adventurous trek, but—thanks to this POV footage captured by a camera mounted to one of the men—we can all experience it without the danger, cold, and physical stress.

To put the mountain's height into perspective, consider this: the Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world at more than 2700 feet. Even if you stacked eight Burj Khalifas on top of each other, and piled on snow, ice, and rocks, you still wouldn't have an obstacle as impressive as the one Lama and Anker took on.

At times, the video above makes the feat seem impossible, as the climbers make their way up the landform using only the equipment they packed and their knowledge of how to take advantage of cracks in rocks and snow.

In a longer documentary about the climb posted to the Red Bull Adventure site, Lama explains that the trip was more than just a thrill-seeking expedition.

"One of the main reasons for coming to Nepal was that it's the country my dad comes from," he said. "Moreover, Lunag Ri as a mountain fascinates me."

Unfortunately, because the duo didn't move their camp higher up on the mountain, they were unable to complete the climb. "We were over ambitious—we bit off more than we can chew," Anker said.

Still, peak or no peak, watching the duo make their way up the mountain is impressive and a bit scary. Check out the clip above, and head over to Red Bull to see the full short film.

Banner image via Red Bull on YouTube

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