This Circular Power Strip May be the Answer to Your Charging Woes

Mogics via Kickstarter
Mogics via Kickstarter / Mogics via Kickstarter

With so many devices that require recharging, traveling without a power strip is not an option. This power strip and adapter from technology company Mogics comes with a clever design upgrade that makes it easy to tuck away no matter how packed your bags are.

The Mogics Power Donut uses a unique ring shape to fit five outlets and two USB ports onto a power strip that’s small enough to slip into your pocket. Its plug fits compactly into the Donut’s center and easily snaps out when you're ready to use it. Unlike traditional power strips, the Donut’s 90 cm cable is totally adjustable and can be neatly wrapped into the storage space around the device’s perimeter. 

For world travelers who are guilty of forgetting their power adapters when heading overseas, Mogics also offers the Power Bagel, which comes with universal sockets suitable for U.S., EU, UK, and AU plug types. The bagel includes a universal cable extension as well, allowing users to charge all of their devices at once no matter where in the world they find themselves.

The Mogics Power Bagel and Donut are both available for preorder through Kickstarter, where the team has already received approximately $330,000 worth of funding. Smart travelers can reserve a power strip of their own for pledges starting at $29. Shipping is estimated for April of this year.

Images courtesy of Mogics via Kickstarter.