Customized Lightsabers are Coming Soon, to a Galaxy Not So Far, Far Away

Rudie Obias
HHCLS Kickstarter Backers/Facebook
HHCLS Kickstarter Backers/Facebook / HHCLS Kickstarter Backers/Facebook

As The Force Awakens continues to topple box office records, more and more people are looking to own a piece of “a galaxy far, far away” for themselves. Since 2013, Hampton’s Hand-Crafted LED Sabers in Yuba City, California has been building custom lightsabers to order for Star Wars fans and cosplayers. However, owner Ken Hampton ran into a problem when orders increased recently, and his company had no time to properly fulfill them. Instead of putting customers on a long waiting list, Hampton decided to invent a new way to deliver premium customizable lightsabers in a very small window of time: He put the power of the Force in his customers’ hands.

Hampton reworked the lightsaber chassis into something highly customizable, allowing for about 800,000 variations and close to three million possibilities for double-edged lightsabers. This new system allows customers to buy a lightsaber chassis and customize it with their preferred hilts, fore and rear grips, pommels, blade emitters, and blades, which come in an array of bright colors.

Hampton just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the new project, which has already exceeded its original goal of $75,000—thus proving that there is no try.