This Japanese Ice Village Sits on Top of a Frozen Lake

Caitlin Schneider

Throughout history, humans have found a lot of creative ways to get (relatively) cozy with ice and snow. One recent example: a Japanese ice village built on top of a frozen lake.

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan ("kotan" is Ainu for "village") is located in the mountains of Hokkaido, and has igloos, an ice bar, a cafe, a stage, hot springs, and even a chapel for those with glacial wedding aspirations. Visitors can also partake in activities like glass making and snowmobiling. While it's free to enter the seasonal hotspot, donations are welcome.

In the video above, YouTubers Rachel & Jun take a tour and even stop for a cocktail served in—what else?—an ice glass. And if your thirst for Japanese ice villages hasn’t been quenched, check out Tomamu Ice Village—another seasonal construction with novel feats of architecture and plenty of snowy activities.

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Images via YouTube.