Redditor Recreates the Weasleys' Magic Location Clock from Harry Potter

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Unfortunately, magic isn't real and those waiting for a letter from Hogwarts are probably going to be waiting a long time. Luckily, science and technology can accommodate our whimsical needs. Redditor tbornottb3 demonstrates this fact beautifully with a Harry Potter-inspired location clock

As fans of the series will recall, the Weasleys kept a handy clock in their home that showed where each family member was in real-time—whether that was home, work, or in mortal peril. In the Redditor's version, the locations are slightly different. Using GPS technology, the replica clock indicates whether the user is at "home," "work," "holiday," "mortal peril," "forest," or "on the way." (In this case, "work" means the university library and "mortal peril" means being near a rival school.) The clock, which took three months to complete, also takes other factors into consideration, like weather and personal preferences. For example, it switches to holiday mode when the weather calls for snow.

Inside, the clock has what the inventor describes as a "Particle Photon connected via a breadboard to an addressable LED strip," and what appears to be an elaborate bit of coding. The whole thing is housed in a beautiful wooden clock that was laser cut and etched by friends.

[h/t Engadget]