Watch This Tilt-Shift Video Tour of Miami


Filmmaker Joerg Daiber specializes in creating vibrant timelapse videos of cities around the world. Daiber, who co-founded a production company called spoonfilm, uses a film technique known as tilt-shifting, which makes entire cities look like miniature model towns, filled with toy cars and tiny people. Over the last few years, the filmmaker has created tiny timelapse tours of Chicago, Montreal, Hong Kong and more. His latest tilt-shift masterpiece, "Miami Mice," takes on Magic City, swooping along highways, hovering over beaches, and showing off the bustling destination in meticulous detail.

Like the city itself, Daiber’s tribute to Miami is in constant motion. In one shot, Daiber mounts his camera on the front of a Metromover train, taking the viewer on a rollercoaster ride of the city. Daiber’s urban tour is reminiscent of Disney’s classic “It’s a Small World” attraction, but rather than rebuild the world in miniature, Daiber looks at the real world from a new perspective. Check it out above.

Banner Image Credit: LittleBigWorld, YouTube