Garbage Pail Kids Are Now Printed on Demand

Topps / Topps

Children of the 1980s will remember Topps’s money-printing machine, the Garbage Pail Kids, as the trading cards that enraged parents and trafficked in depictions of bodily fluids rather than batting averages.

For those of you missing the excitement of coming across an Oozy Suzy to complete your collection, Topps recently offered a line of Grammy-themed Garbage Pail Kids cards. The 18-card series was available only for a limited time earlier this week, and was printed based on orders received.

In addition to “Kanye Pest” and “Can’t Sia,” the company also offered a surprisingly tasteful tribute to the late Eagles co-founder/singer Glenn Frey, who passed away in January.

West will be happy to know that his cards received the largest order: 281 sold. While the “Shammys” line is probably destined to appear at a hiked-up price on the secondary market, Topps is still offering boxes of their presidential race series, which takes a mature and thought-provoking look at the 2016 election.

All images courtesy of Topps.