The magical spinning bubble in the video above isn't the stuff of witchcraft, but that would have been an easier explanation than the plain truth. What you're seeing is actually a spinning top, hovering over a half-dome of smoke, inside a soap bubble. And it's all thanks to the electromagnetic force. 

This eye candy, spotted by Gizmodo, employs a rarely used form of fog machine: an e-cigarette. Bubble-loving YouTuber Dustin Skye reconfigured an e-cigarette to emit pure glycerin fog. The spinning top—kept stable by a gyroscopic effect—contains a magnet, which causes it to levitate when it interacts with the large, oppositely-charged magnet beneath it. That larger magnet is resting inside the circular wooden base, and the rest is just a simple soap bubble. 

It's a project worth remembering for the next time you host a séance. 

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner image via YouTube.