Learn Basic Typographic Lingo With This Handy New Print

Pop Chart Lab
Pop Chart Lab / Pop Chart Lab

You don't need to be a graphic designer to appreciate a beautiful font, a well-designed dingbat, or a perfectly kerned line. Now, Pop Chart Lab has gathered terms like those in a print that will please typography enthusiasts everywhere.

The 24-by-18-inch Taxonomy of Typography is modeled after the wooden type cases traditionally used with letterpress machines. Like terms are sorted together into categories including "Letter Anatomy," "Measurements & Spacing," and "Type Emphasis."

"We’re a design company that specializes in infographics, so we have deep interest in the art of arranging text, behind which exists an immense amount of data—i.e. a full gamut of specifics and rules that demand a lot of dedicated study in order to fully understand," the team said in an email. "We’ve covered the subject before in 2012 with our Alphabet of Typography print, but we've always wanted to do something a little more comprehensive—something that takes into account the history of font design and the ways in which text is categorized, from a single letter all the way to a full page of set words."

Take a closer look at the print below, and to pre-order your own today, head over to Pop Chart Lab.

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