Unruly Tumbleweeds Are Overtaking This Australian Town

Michele Debczak

A menace with the name “hairy panic” doesn’t sound like something you’d want to encounter the moment you step outside. But that’s what residents of Wangaratta, in southeast Australia, are dealing with every day as dry conditions are causing mounds of tumbleweeds to pile up outside their homes.

Also known as Panicum effusum, the fast-growing plant can be found throughout the continent of Australia. During dry spells, large masses of the dead grass form tumbleweeds that travel across the land, dispersing seeds along the way. Wangaratta residents are proclaiming this summer to be the worst in recent memory, with seas of hairy panic reaching up to the roofs of some houses.

The town council hasn’t deemed the situation a fire hazard, so citizens are being forced to clear their overwhelmed yards themselves. Most residents are devoting several hours each day to get rid of it, only to discover a new cloud of weeds crowding their property the next day. Some locals believe an unkempt paddock on a nearby farm is the source of the unwelcome invader. You can witness the extent of the issue in this video:

[h/t Yahoo 7 News]

Banner image courtesy of Prime7 News Albury.