You Can Now Buy Matching Friendship 'Bracelets' for You and Your Pet

Kirstin Fawcett
FriendshipCollar / FriendshipCollar

Closer to your pet than any of your former summer camp buddies? Consider ditching those fraying friendship bracelets you made during arts and crafts hour for the FriendshipCollar. Each of the colorful cat and dog collars comes with a matching wristlet for the pet's human companion.

Available in a range of shades and designs, the collars and bracelets are designed for animals and pet owners of both sexes. They are also fashioned from cruelty-free vegan materials. And in case you’re worried about your pet's safety, their collars are outfitted with safety breakaway clasps to ensure that if they catch on something, your dog or cat can wriggle free. (If you really want to elevate your inner Cat Lady or Dog Lover to the next level, you can also order matching leashes, or identical charms for the collars and bracelets.)

The FriendshipCollars range from $10 to $40, and are available for purchase online. And if you really want to flaunt your pet-sessive tendencies, you can send in photos and the stories of how and when you first fell in love with your animal to the company’s FashionableFriendships page. Check out more images below.

All images courtesy of FriendshipCollar.