See the Inside of a Lava Lamp From a GoPro's Perspective


For more than 50 years, the lava lamp has intrigued onlookers with its colorful lights and floating blobs of mysterious wax. While the view from the outside is certainly entrancing, a trio of inquisitive experimenters over on the What's Inside YouTube channel wanted to see what the "lava" looked like on the other side of the glass. The crew cut a lamp open and dropped a GoPro camera inside to find out.

After first removing some of the liquid so that the camera would not displace it, the team attached a string to the GoPro and dangled it right into the 133-degree pool. Their discovery: the system is pretty simple and straightforward.

There is a bright light bulb in the base that melts the wax inside the glass body. The heated wax floats to the top, where it then cools and falls back down to repeat the process. Check out the experiment above.

[h/t Laughing Squid]