You Can Live Like a Pirate for Less Than $2 Million

Shaunacy Ferro

If you are a Pirates of the Caribbean superfan who thought you'd never find the pirate-themed house of your dreams, cheer up: The house-hunters at Curbed have found the perfect spot.

For just under $1.9 million, you could have a five-bedroom mansion with a lagoon-style pool complete with four waterfalls; a nautically-themed game room; a wine cellar that would please the heaviest-drinking pirate (room for 2500 bottles); and oh-so-much more.

The home has been someone’s passion project for decades. “The owner has been continuously perfecting, improving, and modernizing this masterpiece over the last 20 years,” the description on the real estate listing reveals. “This mansion has a mystique of fun and adventure throughout.”

Indeed, seeing this guy every day would certainly be an adventure: 

Let’s just hope it’s a parrot-friendly neighborhood.

If still images are not enough, you can take a video tour of the pirate palace:

If you’re in the market for a nice berth in Riverside, California, you can find more information here

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