Trekkies Will Soon Be Able to Pilot Their Own Enterprise Drones


If you've ever dreamed of commanding the USS Enterprise, now you don’t need to visit the final frontier to do so. According to Engadget, Spin Master unveiled their new Star Trek-inspired quadcopter drone at the New York Toy Fair earlier this week.

The toy is slightly different from the original ship piloted by Captain Kirk in the television series. Its body is modeled after the NCC-1701-A from Star Trek films four through six, not the NCC-1701 featured in the show. The saucer has been built with an open frame to accommodate its rotors, and it also includes an integrated light system, the ship’s name and serial number, and a repertoire of iconic sound effects.

Spin Master, the toy company most famous for their Air Hogs line of toys, will sell their Enterprise drones for $120 beginning in September. The release is set to coincide with Star Trek’s 50th anniversary

[h/t Engadget]

Banner/header image courtesy of Evan Kirstel via Twitter.