Explore 500 Simpsons Episodes in VR 'Sphere'

Anna Green

YouTube user John Hatfield has created a surreal 360 degree virtual reality experience that puts you inside 500 Simpsons episodes at once. In the video, row upon row of Simpsons episodes are stacked atop each other to create what Hatfield calls a "Simpsons sphere." Viewers can navigate up and down, left and right, to see what’s happening in different episodes.

Laughing Squid notes that the VR experience was adapted from a 2D, flat video of over 500 Simpsons episodes playing simultaneously. The result is something that falls somewhere on the spectrum between comedy and art. It begins with The Simpsons’s opening credits and, for the first few seconds, the audio syncs up and the show’s classic theme song is audible. But soon, it all begins to blur into a storm of buzzing sound, through which no individual words are discernable. It’s a fascinating and slightly claustrophobic moving collage that, more than anything, feels like the dream you’d have after binge-watching too many Simpsons episodes in a row. Check it out above.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: John Hatfield, YouTube