YouTuber Programs Retro Video Game 'Snake' Into a Keyboard

Andrew LaSane

Introduced in the 1970s and reborn in the 1990s thanks to Nokia mobile phones, the video game Snake allows players to move pixels around a plane to "eat" intermittently moving dots. As the game progresses, the snake grows larger, which makes avoiding obstacles—including its own body—even harder. Traditionally, the game is played on a screen with a directional pad as the controller, but as the video above from Kotaku shows, one gamer recently tried a different technique: using only a keyboard as both the screen and the controller.

YouTuber Mythic Magic used the programming language C# to turn his Corsair K70 RGB gaming keyboard into a platform for Snake. The gamer takes advantage of the multicolor backlighting so that it forms each element, including the borders, the moving dot, and the growing snake. Mythic Magic has uploaded his source codes to GitHub for anyone familiar with the language to mimic this project.

The Corsair website advertises the keyboard as having "virtually unlimited customization" capabilities, and Mythic Magic's project definitely put that to the test.

Banner image via Mythic Magic on YouTube

[h/t Kotaku]