Watch LEGOs Move Like Liquid In These Cool Computer Simulations


To make a fluid stop-motion video of a LEGO wave, skilled builders would have to spend hours building and rebuilding a model, pausing often to take photographs. An alternative would be to choose animation over manual labor and simulate one, like redditor Rexjericho recently did, using a fluid simulation program and other animation and rendering software.  

Rexjericho shared three simulations: a LEGO fluid sphere drop, a LEGO dam break, and LEGO river rapids. According to the stats that were also shared to the reddit thread, 494 frames took roughly 6.7 hours to simulate and 37 hours to render, for a total of 43.7 hours. The results are pretty impressive and obviously remind us of some of the visuals seen in The LEGO Movie (2014), only more impressive being that Rexjericho probably didn't have an entire staff working to make these simulations.

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[h/t Popular Mechanics]