Take Better Photos of Your Food With This App

Rebecca OConnell
apple / foodie
apple / foodie / apple / foodie

These days, it's practically custom to start a meal by taking a picture of your glistening burger or perfectly photogenic pancakes. The challenge is getting just the right shot that does your meal justice. Japanese mobile app developer LINE Corporation understands your struggle. They've put out a new app called Foodie that's made specially for snapping pictures of food.

The app provides 24 different filters and lets the user know when the camera is directly above the subject. It can also zone in on the food and blur out the background to mimic the look of an SLR camera. Once you've gussied up your picture, you can use the app to send it to various social media channels and be the envy of all your hungry friends. You can download it for iOS here or Android here.

[h/t Design Taxi]