Adorably Block Out the World With These Dachshund-Shaped Earplugs

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It's a noisy world, but that doesn't mean you can't guard yourself from aural assault in a fashionable way. Luckily, Mao Yamamoto of +d understands the value of a practical kitsch item and has created these wonderful dachshund-shaped plugs. (We've noticed there's a serious dearth of adorable earplugs. You can't, for example, find ones shaped like a pair of tiny ears.) 

Called Mimi Pet Earplugs, the soft foam shapes make it look like a long dachshund is stretching through your ears. They come in five colors: white, gray, yellow, orange, and blue. The plugs are easy to clean and even come with a pouch for "hygienic storage." They cost $34 a pair, and you can scoop up the protective pooches here.

[h/t Distractify]