New York City looks especially attractive from a few thousand feet in the air. Gone is the trash and the grime, leaving only the city’s famous architecture and impressive skyline on display. 

In George Steinmetz’s photography series “New York Air,” on exhibit this month at New York gallery Anastasia Photo, New York City becomes a neatly ordered dollhouse filled with lines of taxis and orderly grids. From far above, throngs of pedestrians become manageable, ant-sized creatures and traffic becomes art.

People watching Saturday Night Fever at Bryant Park’s summer movie series in June 2014.

When you get far enough away from Times Square’s tourists and Coney Island's packed summer beaches, you can start to appreciate what urbanist Jane Jacobs called the “sidewalk ballet” of busy urban streets. Lines of taxis waiting at JFK aren’t the last obstacle in the way of getting home quickly, but rather an abstract painting made out of familiar New York icons. 

Central Park sunbathers come out for the first warm day of spring in May 2014.

The pretty pictures will be up at Anastasia Photo until February 28, but if you can't make it to New York City, check them out online

[h/t Feature Shoot]All images © George Steinmetz, Courtesy of Anastasia Photo