The Final Home Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Is Now for Sale

Photos courtesy of Estately, provided by ARMLS/HomeSmart
Photos courtesy of Estately, provided by ARMLS/HomeSmart / Photos courtesy of Estately, provided by ARMLS/HomeSmart

Willing to shell out $3.6 million for a warm-weather getaway? An architectural treasure in Phoenix, Arizona, is currently for sale: the Norman Lykes house, better known as the last home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright designed the futuristic-looking circular home in the late 1950s, modeling its sinuous angles and lines off the nearby Palm Canyon mountains. During this later stage in Wright’s career, the architect was inspired by the geometry of circles to create structures including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City and the David and Gladys Wright home, a spiral-shaped house Wright built for his son in 1952.

Curbed reports that Wright died shortly after completing sketches of the abode. However, Wright had spoken with an apprentice, John Rattenbury, about the designs. In turn, Rattenbury transformed the sketches into working drawings for Norman and Aimee Lykes, the couple who had originally commissioned the project.

In 1967, the home was finally completed on Wright’s original site. The 2800-square-foot residence was fully renovated in 1995 after a new owner hired Rattenbury to enlarge the master bedroom, combine two smaller bedrooms into a larger guest room, and transform a workshop into a home theater. Today, it boasts three bedrooms, three baths, and all of its original furniture, the Phoenix New Times reports. (The furniture, which was designed by Wright to mimic the home's cylindrical shape, is included in its asking price.) 

Check out some pictures of the house below, or visit the full listing at Estately for more information. 

All photos courtesy of Estately, provided by ARMLS/HomeSmart.

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