The Lunchbox of Your Dreams is Now Fully Funded


If you want to save cash, but aren't feeling inspired to brown-bag your lunch, you might have pinned your midday meal hopes on the Prepd Pack—a slick new lunchbox that was part of a Kickstarter initiative last month. Pack a confetti cannon with your peanut butter and jelly because the project has been fully funded, which means the grown-up lunch box could be in your future. 

The bamboo-covered case boasts separate removable compartments for food and silverware, magnetic cutlery, and a companion phone app that will help you plan healthy meals. It’s designed to be fashionable, spill-proof, and, above all, to make you feel good about preparing and packaging your own meals.

The Prepd Pack should be available by June 2016. However, if the lunchbox itself doesn’t compel you to start eating your noontime meals at your desk, keep in mind that Americans, on average, buy lunch twice a week. According to Forbes, they spend $10 on each purchase—meaning they’re shelling out $936 per year instead of packing a sandwich at home. 

While you nosh on that food for thought, learn more about the Prepd Pack via the video above.

All images courtesy of YouTube.