Morgan Freeman Lends His Voice to Your GPS

Rudie Obias
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images / Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Have you ever wanted Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman to tell you how to get to the nearest Starbucks? Google’s traffic and navigation app Waze just added the mighty voice of “God” to its list of voice options for turn-by-turn directions. The addition of Freeman’s voice is part of a cross-promotion for his new movie, London Has Fallen, where he plays the Vice President of the United States (which is why he refers to drivers using the app as “President”).

To activate Freeman’s voice, just go to "Settings" and scroll down to “Sound.” The feature is inside of the “Navigation Guidance” option. Interestingly, Google has also added the voice of Colonel Sanders for directions, as a bizarre Easter egg.

Waze is free and available for Android and iOS devices, so download it and let to the soothing voice of Freeman narrate your drive across town.

[h/t EW]