Nissan's Smart Office Chairs Bring Self-Parking to the Boardroom

Rudie Obias

Japanese automaker Nissan has applied its state-of-the-art car-making skills to the development of a new type of office chair. The Intelligent Parking Chair was created using the same technology as Nissan’s Intelligent Parking Assist feature. Each “smart chair,” which responds to the sound of clapping hands, can turn a full 360 degrees and locates where to go with the help of four small motion cameras connected via Wi-Fi that are placed throughout the room.

Before you reach for your corporate credit card, be warned: Nissan has no plans to manufacture these amazing office chairs. "This is just a fun way for us to showcase what we have available in some of our vehicles," a Nissan spokesperson told ABC News. Nissan also made a video detailing how they created these Intelligent Parking Chairs.

[h/t Uproxx]

Images courtesy Nissan Newsroom/YouTube.