This Woman Knits Blankets With Super-Sized Yarn and Her Bare Hands

Anna Marinenko
Anna Marinenko / Anna Marinenko

When the weather is especially brutal, there's nothing like crawling under a chunky, wool blanket to stay warm. Anna Marinenko takes that idea of comfort to a new level by knitting with yarn so thick she had to swap out needles for her bare hands.

Marinenko was inspired to knit her first super-sized textile in 2015 when she began experimenting with Australian merino wool yarn. "Once I discovered merino wool, I became obsessed with its softness, tenderness, and airiness," she tells Mental Floss.

She resorted to knitting together the 3-inch stitches with her hands because none of the needles she owned were suited for the material. Today, the Ukraine-based designer sells her creations on Etsy under the shop name Ohhio, and she has found plenty of customers who share her excitement about the unique material. "People love our chunky knits," she says. "There's not a day that goes by when we don't receive compliments from happy customers. I'm happy to have reached so many people who value making things with their hands."

In addition to blankets that look like giant handkerchiefs, Marinenko also sells scarves, hats, and even beds for cats and dogs, all knit in her characteristic chunky style. For anyone looking to knit a cozy creation of their own, merino wool yarn skeins and custom 2-inch thick needles are also available on her Etsy page.

All images courtesy of Anna Marinenko