This Woman Knits Blankets With Super-Sized Yarn and Her Bare Hands

Anna Marinenko
Anna Marinenko

When the weather is especially brutal, there's nothing like crawling under a chunky, wool blanket to stay warm. Anna Marinenko takes that idea of comfort to a new level by knitting with yarn so thick she had to swap out needles for her bare hands.

Marinenko was inspired to knit her first super-sized textile in 2015 when she began experimenting with Australian merino wool yarn. "Once I discovered merino wool, I became obsessed with its softness, tenderness, and airiness," she tells Mental Floss.

She resorted to knitting together the 3-inch stitches with her hands because none of the needles she owned were suited for the material. Today, the Ukraine-based designer sells her creations on Etsy under the shop name Ohhio, and she has found plenty of customers who share her excitement about the unique material. "People love our chunky knits," she says. "There's not a day that goes by when we don't receive compliments from happy customers. I'm happy to have reached so many people who value making things with their hands."

In addition to blankets that look like giant handkerchiefs, Marinenko also sells scarves, hats, and even beds for cats and dogs, all knit in her characteristic chunky style. For anyone looking to knit a cozy creation of their own, merino wool yarn skeins and custom 2-inch thick needles are also available on her Etsy page.

Cat in a knit bed.

Woman in bed beneath a knit blanket.

Woman reading with a knit blanket on her lap.

Woman with chunky knit scarf.

Man on couch wrapped in knit blanket.

All images courtesy of Anna Marinenko

Jabba the Hutt Leaves Tatooine for Your Front Lawn


From life-sized Yoda LEGO sets to a pair of comfy Chewbacca slippers, Star Wars fans are always showing their love of the blockbuster franchise in unique ways. But now, you can outdo them all by decorating your lawn with a giant inflatable Jabba the Hutt, which you can find on Amazon for $110.

Measuring 6 feet in height by 8 feet in length, this plasticized Jabba isn’t nearly as intimidating without Bib Fortuna by his side—nor as disgusting without a bowl full of Klatooine paddy frogs to snack on—but he lights up! He’s also got a built-in fan for easy inflation and comes with a set of stakes so that, just like in Return of the Jedi, he stays firmly planted. Unfortunately, digging your own Rancor pit for Jabba to lord over probably goes against most municipal building codes, but this intergalactic gangster works great as a solo act.

Think you know everything about Star Wars? Check out this list of 50 facts you might be surprised to learn.

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Naples, Florida, Resort’s Bottomless Bloody Mary Bar Costs $35 and Offers 48,000 Flavor Combinations

The Catch of The Pelican
The Catch of The Pelican

There's no limit to the snacks, garnishes, and full-fledged meals that can be served on top of a Bloody Mary. And at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida, you don't have to edit yourself when assembling the cocktail. The bottomless Bloody Mary bar at the hotel's Catch of the Pelican restaurant has enough ingredients to make 48,000 possible combinations, and guests can access them all for $35, Travel + Leisure reports.

The drinks served at this bar start with either red or green Bloody Mary mix and vodka, or tequila if you want to make yours a Bloody Maria. You can dip the rim of your glass in one of the eight salt and spice mixtures created in house and up the heat factor with a dash of hot sauce—20 brands of which are available.

But the garnishes are where the bar gets serious. With 75 toppings to choose from, the spread looks more like a Vegas buffet than a Bloody Mary bar. Options include classics like olives and celery, as well as over-the-top indulgences like egg rolls, jalapeño poppers, and fried ravioli.

A single drink from the bar costs $14, but $35 for the bottomless option isn't bad if you think of the garnishes as all-you-can-eat brunch. The Catch of the Pelican also sells brunch items that aren't served on top of cocktail glasses. For diners looking for a more simple drink to go with their meal, there's a make your own mimosa bar.

The hotel restaurant serves brunch every weekend from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you can't make it to Naples to try the Bloody Mary bar in person, you can experience the glory in the pictures below.

Bloody Mary Bar.
The Catch of The Pelican

Bloody Mary bar.
The Catch of The Pelican

Bloody Mary bar.
The Catch of The Pelican

Bloody Mary.
The Catch of The Pelican

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