Enjoy a Drink in Glassware Etched With a Map of Your Favorite City

Rebecca OConnell
theuncommongreen / theuncommongreen

Whether you're in love with your current city or miss your old one, it's always nice to have something to commemorate it with. The next time you kick back a drink, pour it into a glass etched with a map of your favorite city.

Created by Boston design house theUncommonGreen, these location-specific glasses are perfect for those feeling a little nostalgic for their old stomping grounds, or their favorite vacation spots. The glassware comes in a variety of different shapes, including wine glasses, mugs, pints, carafes, and even mason jars. Neighborhoods and the coordinates are etched alongside the complex web of streets. Each eco-friendly Mapware glass is designed and made in the United States. 

If cities are not your thing, there are plenty of other places from which to choose, including exotic islands like St. Martin or college towns like Newark, Delaware. There are also topography glasses of mountains like Machu Picchu and K2. All the glasses can be customized to sport personal names and messages.

You can pick up a city rocks glass here, or check out the full collection here

All images courtesy of theUncommonGreen.