How Much Would It Cost to Buy One of Everything on Amazon?

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You can buy just about anything on Amazon, but what if you wanted to buy it all? Kynan Eng, a Switzerland-based researcher who works in neuroscience data and analytics, crunched some data to figure out how much it would cost to buy one of every product offered on Amazon and posted his methods on Quora, Quartz reports

His estimate? You’d need $12.86 billion to buy the approximately 479 million items offered on the site. 

To arrive at this number, Eng collected the prices of 100 random Amazon items (using an online generator) and plotted the spread of pricing on the site. He found that prices under $5 are most common, and only a few things cost over $100, and estimates that the average price of any item on the site is a little under $27.

From there, he simply figured out how much it would cost to buy 479 million items at that price. It’s a rough estimate, of course, but it’s always good to have savings goals in mind!

[h/t Quartz]