This Smoking Cocktail Will Add Some Flair to Your Evening


Why make a normal, boring cocktail when you can switch things up and turn your drinking experience into a delicious science experiment? The brains behind the Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel recently demonstrated a way to convert an Old Fashioned into a smoke-infused cocktail without the aid of fancy and expensive bar equipment.

Armed with a used bottle that once contained Hibiki whisky and applewood sticks, the mixologist in the video provides a step-by-step tutorial for the simple process. First, a stick is lit and extinguished to provide the smoke for the infusion. The empty bottle is then placed over the smoking sticks until the cloud inside become opaque, after which the bottle is quickly removed and sealed with a cork. Next, the cocktail is prepared and poured directly into the chamber of smoke, where it is shaken and poured back into a glass of ice to be consumed. We can't vouch for the flavor just by watching the video (above), but the presentation is top shelf.

Excuse us while we find some sticks and an empty bottle.

Banner image via Cocktail Chemistry on YouTube

[h/t Laughing Squid]